Sunday, December 26, 2010

Sole fish fillet on basil sauce with potato and french bean

 sole fish with basil basil pesto sauce

scaloppa di sogliola, vellutata al basilco con fagiolini e patoate alla moda della ferrata

INGREDIENTS : Sole fish fillet , potato, french beans , fish stock, fresh basil, extra virgin olive oil, nut meg.

  • Prepare a regular light fish stock
  • Process fresh basil and extra virgin olive oil in a kitchen blender.
  • Let the potato boil in the fish stock. Process in Paco Jet or in a kitchen blender and let cool down.
  • Poach the french bean; poach the potato cut in to regular cubes.
  • Pan fried the fish fillet.
  • Reheat the potato veloute, adding some fish stock, only at the last moment add some basil pesto, quickly stirring and serve immediately.
  • Dish out according to the photo, dust last moment with nutmeg.
fish stock : fish + vegs  + wather
veloute : ( i ) a basic sauce ( ii ) a soup of velvet or cream consistency
dust with : cover with a light dusting of a substance: "dust the bread with flour"

Paco jet

အီတလီ chef အသစ္ ထုတ္တဲ႕ ၊  X-mas မွာ ေရာင္းတဲ႕ ဟင္းပြဲပါ။ sole fish ကို salt , pepper and olive oil ေလးနဲ႕ ပဲ marinate လုပ္ရတာပါ။ က်န္တာေတြကေတာ႕ အထက္မွာ ေဖာ္ၿပၿပီးၿဖစ္ပါတယ္။

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